Florida Discount Guns Inc.

We are an Internet Marketing, Design, & Technology solution provider, specializing in solving frictions in the firearms industry.

Some of the things that we do: 

    • We work with other companies seeking to reach new audiences, in new ways.  We work with Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Tech… sometimes as consultants, and other times as a strategic partner… to create cost effective, low friction strategies and turnkey solutions, that involve new products and viral Internet marketing and branding strategies.
    • We facilitate the sale of firearms and firearm accessories to end users, by acting as a marketplace and technology provider, where Manufacturers, Gun dealers, 3rd party customization shops, and Consumers come together to do business.
    • We develop technology, which helps consumers to perform a variety of both ‘virtual’ and ‘brick and mortar’ tasks needed to select, personalize, and purchase a firearm of the choice, all from the comfort and privacy of their own home.
    • We license our ideas, marketing strategies, technology, and IP to other companies at fair and mutually agreed upon rates.
    • We seek to license our patent-pending NEDG design and technology to firearm manufacturers, after developing the prototype ourselves.



Our Brands:


PinkGun - Have you ever wanted a pink gun? Or maybe you are a ‘snakeskin and skulls’ type of person? How about something simple, with flowers? If so, then you may like this project, because it’s all about personal preference and having fun with color, firearms, and technology. Read more…

The Patent-Pending ‘NEDG’ - Florida Discount Guns, Inc. submitted a Patent Application to USPTO, describing a firearm which (when managed properly) never ‘runs out of bullets’. We are currently exploring all of our options to develop the idea into a fully functioning prototype. Read more…


The AR 15 Network is a collection of websites which revolve around the AR 15 platform. For Sale AR 15 is a website where customers can order a new AR 15 and have it shipped to their local dealer for pick up. Accessories AR 15 is a destination for customers seeking the additional accessories or upgrades to their AR 15. Parts AR is a website where internal parts and parts kits are purchased for those who either need replacement parts for their AR, or new ones for a future build. Build AR 15 is all about how to build your own AR 15 from an ’80% lower receiver’, or just a table full of parts. AR Lower 80% is the future home of website dedicated to 80% lower receivers. Read more…